Long Distance Caregiving How To Show Your Love From Afar

Long Distance Caregiving How To Show Your Love From Afar

By now, you already know how crucial it is to maintain good health to live a longer life free from any ailments. Apart from you, your loved ones, especially the elderly, could be at risk because they become more fragile and susceptible to diseases and other health problems.

Whether it’s your parents or grandparents, caring for them is necessary to see them safe, happy, and healthy at all times. Unfortunately, with all your other priorities, you may not always be there for them physically. However, you can still prove you care from a distance.

Providing caregiving solutions from afar is possible, although you must prepare yourself for the challenges. Ultimately, reaching out to your sick loved one requires connection, understanding, and patience. Keep reading below for ways you can offer care to your patient.

You Could Determine Their Case

When you wish to show your loved ones you care about their welfare and want what’s best for them, part of that is understanding their health condition and what you can do to make it better. Knowing their sickness and what treatments they require can keep accidents at bay.

In your own way, you can aid your loved ones by talking to their doctor about their situation and helping them manage their healthcare. Every time they need to take their pills, you could remind them by leaving a message or calling to see if they didn’t miss any appointments.

You Could Develop a Schedule

Often, people have many things on their plate—they have their family to take care of, house to keep in good condition, work to go to every day, and more. Because of your continuous responsibilities, they prevent you from seeing your loved one’s daily.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from contacting them and checking in on them through other ways. You could set up a phone or video call every week when it’s most convenient for you and your loved one, so they have something to look forward to. If you aren’t available during your scheduled call, you could make up for it by picking another time or asking a brother or sister to take your place.

You Could Apply Your Strengths

If you have specific skills that could come in handy when taking care of a loved one, even from a distance, you can offer your help using your strengths. People who are well-organized and good at setting schedules could reach out to their loved one’s doctor or pharmacy to assist with their medical care.

You can also think about ordering food delivery services for your loved ones, so they don’t have to stress over it anymore, and even fix their records to ensure no documents get lost. In addition, if your loved one lives alone, you could set up cleaning help for them, as long as they’re okay with it and prefer spending most of their days resting.

You Could Focus on Virtual Care

Thanks to modern technology, healthcare providers can now offer their services from behind a screen. They can perform telehealth consultations, medication checks, prescription refills and much more to keep patients from having to visit the doctor or pharmacist all the time just for a prescription, and follow-up checkups that don’t require you to be in person.

When you encourage your loved one to meet their physician or pharmacist using these methods, it gives them peace of mind knowing their healthcare team is close by. If your patient is bedridden or has a disability that keeps them from travelling all the time, focusing on telehealth or virtual care is a great solution to consider.


When you get caught up in your own priorities, you can still make time for your loved ones even without being physically present. You can continue to provide long-distance caregiving and offer your moral support and unconditional love. Some ways to remind your loved ones you’re there for them include determining their health condition, developing a calling schedule, applying your strengths, and potentially implementing virtual care solutions. MyEasyDose by Community Care Pharmacy offers many options like home delivery of meds, Medscheck, MED Packs and health consultations. Get in touch today and a member of our team can discuss your options.