Frequently asked questions about MED

How do I sign up for MyEasyDose?
Signing up for MyEasyDose is easy! You can get started online, call us at 1-855-962-5198, or visit one of our 15 locations across Ontario to sign up in person.
How much does MyEasyDose cost?
In most cases, you’ll pay the same amount you do now, with no additional fees. We also offer free home delivery for patients with three or more regular prescriptions.
Can I add over-the-counter items, like vitamins or low-dose Aspirin, to MyEasyDose?

Yes! We can include over-the-counter items such as vitamins, supplements, and remedies like low-dose aspirin to your MyEasyDose pack.

What if I have a change in my medication or dosage?

If you have changes to your medication or dosage, simply ask your doctor to send your prescription to us, and we will update your MyEasyDose pack accordingly.

I have a medication that requires frequent dose changes. Can I still get these in push-and-turn vials?

I have a medication that I only take as needed, or has frequent dose changes (e.g. warfarin or thyroid medications). Can I still get these in push-and-turn vials?

Absolutely! We can dispense these medications in vials so you can take the right dose only when you need it.