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We pre-package your prescriptions and supplements by date & time with PacVision technology for the highest level of accuracy.

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Our customizable service ships your entire refill period directly to your door in tamper-proof packaging.

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We review your MEDs regularly to make sure they’re working for you and develop a wellness action plan. We’re always available if you have questions about your MEDs or need a refill change.

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How the MyEasyDose process works

MyEasyDose makes taking and getting your medication easy and accurate every time.


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Gather your prescriptions


Process your medications


Ship your package


Pay what you pay for your MEDs now.

With MyEasyDose, we cover the shipping and if you have insurance your plan covers what it covers now.

You pay the regular retail price however you like for supplements and over the counter MEDs.


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Special Note: We only mail prescriptions to residents of Canada at this time. We accept most drug plans just like your current pharmacy. You will need a valid prescription from your Doctor to use our service or you can transfer your existing prescriptions from your current pharmacy. If you do not have a prescription please get one from your Doctor before contacting us! Our program is best suited for customers who take multiple medications daily.

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