Why Should You Use Pouch Packaging?

Why Should You Use Pouch Packaging?

Why should you use pouch packaging? It’s a common question that we hear from potential clients at MyEasyDose. There are many reasons to use pouch packaging, but the simple answer is because it’s an easier method to take your medications.

There are a range of people who use our service from busy professionals who organize their prescriptions by date and time to maximize their health, to those that would gladly allow us to manage their medications so they can focus on living the life that they want to live.

Our busy professional clientele wants their medication delivered and likes being able to grab their pouch in the morning and go. Our retired clientele on the other hand also likes to skip the line, and enjoys the convenience of having MyEasyDose manage their medications.

Then there’s the adult caregiver of a child or their parent. We’ve found that our pouch packaging has been beneficial for this group as it takes the guesswork out of medication management. The pouches are clearly laid out by time so it’s as easy as grabbing the next pouch and going on with your day.

As easy as it is, MyEasyDose is not just an automation. We are a full-service pharmacy, and our experienced team is available to help you and give you advice on your health in relation to your medication management. We work with your doctor as a part of your healthcare team to ensure that all of your medications are working for you.

Perhaps the most important but not talked about benefit to using pouch packaging is the accuracy involved with it. Each pouch is checked by multiple medication software and manually by our pharmacy staff. After this process, the pouches are checked by our PacVision machine, which ensures the highest accuracy possible.

If you could benefit from the convenience or ease of having our pouches delivered to you, scroll to our home page and let us know.

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