My Family Member Needs Help With Their Medications

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My Family Member Needs Help With Their Medications

One of the most difficult positions you can be put in is if you have to help a family member through health struggles. One aspect of this that is less discussed is medication management.

When a family member is prescribed multiple medications that need to be taken at specific times, it can be enormously stressful-especially if you feel they may be missing doses or taking them late. This can be compounded when you are tasked with assisting them.

Missing doses or taking them incorrectly can lead to medication incidents, illness, or hospitalization. This can place guilt on you, the family caregiver, if you feel there is more you could have done. That’s where MyEasyDose comes in.

MyEasyDose was created initially with this client in mind- the family member who is now caregiver, who now needs to make sure their loved one follows a strict medication regimen. The pouches are laid out and labelled by dose, making each dose easy to grab and go and administer.

The biggest barrier can often be a family member that does not believe they need to take their meds. At MyEasyDose there’s nothing we love to see more than for one of our clients to no longer need a prescription. We work with you or your loved one’s doctor to put you on a health plan that can hopefully minimize the need for prescriptions. But the first step is to always take the medications as they were prescribed.

The biggest misconception is that everyone who uses MyEasyDose needs the help, or they’ll be less dependent. On the contrary, many tell us that they feel more independent because now they can focus on doing the thing they want to do. Fill out our form today to book a consultation to see if our service makes sense for you or your family member.

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