MyEasyDose- More Than Just Filling A Prescription

MyEasyDose- More Than Just Filling A Prescription

As many Canadians are unfamiliar with pouch packaging for their medications, it would be reasonable to assume that the main focus of a pharmacy like MyEasyDose would be the fancy packaging.

But at MyEasyDose that couldn’t be further from the truth. While pouch-packaging is easy and can be a game changer, the central tenet of our service is the complete healthcare of our clients.

We believe in going above and beyond when dispensing medications to ensure we give the best medical advice, and we pride ourselves on being more than an automated service.

Our convenient and innovative service means that you can reach us on the phone or the internet at a time that works for you.

We then provide you with expert medical advice on the medications you are taking, and even help you out with tips on how you can potentially move away from taking prescription medications in the first place.

We work with your Doctor as a member of your healthcare team to ensure that all of your medications are working for you, and we are always happy to discuss alternative therapies or supplements which we feel could augment your medication therapy for the better.

Many of our clients prefer this method, being able to reach out to the MyEasyDose team that they know and are familiar with at their own convenience, to get our expert advice. It’s the best of both worlds- you can speak as much or as little as you like with your pharmacy.

For some clients that could mean frequent questions about their medication regimen, and for others they would rather get their package and their supplements and not want to think about it or talk about it!

If you are interested in the level of complete health care and personal service discussed above, please visit our home page and fill out our form to get started.

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