Switching Pharmacies- It’s Easier Than You Think

Switching Pharmacies- It’s Easier Than You Think

One things pharmacies have done a really good job of, or a really bad job depending what way you look at it, is to let their patients know that they can switch pharmacies at any time.

Maybe it’s because that in 2019, we as consumers are so used to being under contract. Whether it be cell phone plans and loan payments or the like, we are used to doing things the way we always have.

But as we’ve moved digital for everything from mail to entertainment, we as Canadians are still set in our ways when it comes to getting our medications. At MyEasyDose we aim to change that.

With MyEasyDose, we make switching over even easier. We have you fill out our consent form and then we do the rest of the work. After signing up you may never need to enter a physical pharmacy again. No need to speak to your doctor or stand in line ever again.

Signing up for a family member? Follow the same steps if you’re their caregiver or have them with you when the call is made to help assist through the process.

And the beauty of not being under contract means that if MyEasyDose isn’t the right service for you, we make switching to another pharmacy is as easy as switching to us.

Whether you’re our patient or not, never forget that as a Canadian you have the right to get your prescription medications from any pharmacy, and that shopping around for the service that will look out for your complete healthcare is a must.

If you are interested in our service, please fill out a form on our main page and we’d be happy to discuss with you how we’ve been helping thousands of other Canadians take their medications.

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