How Does It Work

How Does It Work

How does the pre-packaged MyEasyDose system work?

Our team takes all your medication and organizes it by time and date into a specially sealed package. This is great because you will know if you forgot to take your medication and also what time to take certain kinds of medication. We do all the hard work for you. All you need is water!

How do refills work?

We work directly with your doctor and insurance to make refills as seamless as possible. If you do not want to receive a prescription any longer, then simply call us to cancel it. Please note that we do not recommend cancelling prescriptions that your doctor has prescribed without proper consultation with your doctor.

Can I add over-the-counter or vitamins to the MyEasyDose system?

Yes. You can set this up initially, or you can call and add this later on or as you go. They can also be placed in our special sealed packaging system at your convenience. Since vitamins and OTC (over the counter) items are not covered by drug plans, they will need to be placed on a payment program. Please call us for more details 1-855-962-5198.

What do you need from me to get started?

Full name, Date of birth, Phone number, Email address, Home address, Insurance, Name of Doctor, and list of allergies

Can I easily transfer my prescriptions?

Yes, of course. We can easily transfer your prescriptions to our online pharmacy or move them to a physical retail pharmacy of choice if requested. We operate the same as any traditional pharmacy location; the only difference is we deliver your prescriptions in the mail.

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