01 Upload your prescriptions.

02 Get your medications delivered.

03 Never wonder what to take.

3 Simple Steps to Easy Medications

01 Upload your prescriptions.

02 Get your medications delivered.

03 Never wonder what to take.

Take Your Health To The Next level!

  • Medscheck – We look over all your medication to make sure they work safe together.
  • Go the extra mile – We work with your doctors to get you off medications if possible.
  • Reach your goals – Our team will work with you overtime to achieve your wellness goals.
  • Easy to start – Talk with our team privately over secure video from the comfort of your home.

“My medications were not working for me anymore. I’m now only taking what I need and I have more energy now!”


MyEasyDose – We’re changing what it means to be a pharmacy.

Many Canadians – at least 41%- take prescription medications. Many more aren’t familiar with Polypharmacy, a condition when someone is taking five or more prescription medications.

While it is usually necessary to take all prescribed medications, the chances of side effect, or adverse reaction can increase as the number of prescriptions increases.

Whether you take 1 prescription medication, or 5, or 10, at MyEasyDose we will work with you and your doctor to see if there’s anything we can do to improve your health without increasing the number of prescriptions you are taking. And if possible, we will work towards deprescribing, or reducing the number of prescriptions you have to take.

Sit back and relax. We’ve got it from here.

We transfer.

We’ll work with your doctors and insurance to get it all set up.

We package.

Everything is triple checked to make sure it’s always accurate and easy.

We ship.

You’ll get your first shipment within just a few days.

Our Proven 3 Step Process!



We learn about your medication, overall health and see where we can help you makes changes.


Implement Changes

If we can bring improvement, we get in touch with your care providers discuss it further.


Monitor Your Success

We will assist you with monitoring your health and reaching your goals. It’s a win win.

Make the switch to easier medications and pay what you pay now*!

*Based on 3 prescriptions and insurance coverage. Costs may vary.

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We’re here to simplify your pharmacy experience!

We’re Changing What It Means To Be A Pharmacy!

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