How Young Adults & Parents Can Benefit from the New OHIP+ Government Program

How Young Adults & Parents Can Benefit from the New OHIP+ Government Program

How Young Adults & Parents Can Benefit from the New OHIP+ Government Program

Since the beginning of 2018, people who are 24-years-old or younger will now qualify for over 4400 free prescription medications. To be eligible for this Ontario Drug Benefit program, you must qualify by being 24 or under, and be a resident of the province of Ontario. This program is terrific news for young adults in college or university, or who are working in low-income jobs until they graduate.

It’s also helpful to low-income parents who have a child who needs an ongoing prescription medication. Parents who qualify for the program will be able to obtain prescription medication for babies, toddlers, children, and young adults under 24 if they’re still living at home.

Besides age and residency requirements, you must also have OHIP coverage. But the good news is that this program requires no additional registration, as everyone who has OHIP coverage will already qualify.

The OHIP Plus or OHIP+ coverage will end on a person’s 25th birthday. At that point, they may qualify for one of the other financial assistance programs.

There are over 4400 free drug products that are available in the OHIP+ program.

• Antibiotics for illness or infection
• Asthmatic medications
• Diabetic supplies
• Epipens and other allergy medications
• Antidepressant medication
• ADHD prescription drugs
• Childhood cancer treatments
• Quit smoking products

If your physician has prescribed medication, and you’re wondering if it’s covered, there is a full listing of covered medications on the OHIP+ website.
There is also a second related program that works together with OHIP+ called the Exceptional Access Program. You may also qualify for additional coverage under this program.

The program works simply, whether you’re obtaining a prescription for your child or yourself (if you’re 24 or under). First, you get the prescription from your doctor, then head to any pharmacy within the province of Ontario.

You present the prescription along with your health card. The pharmacy has all the information they need on their computer. There will be no charge for the prescription, dispensing fee, deductible, or a co-payment.

People may have some concerns if they are members of other insurance plans that provide coverage for medications. OHIP will always be the first payer for the eligible drug products.

If you happen to be a parent, you may also have signed up for the Trillium Drug Program. You will be very relieved to know that there will be no amounts that count towards your deductible, so your TDP coverage won’t be affected in any way.

If you are an Ontarian who travels Canada a lot or is a student going to school in another province, you may be worried about how your coverage will be affected.

Your prescriptions may still be covered under OHIP Plus as long as you stick to these three requirements:

1. You’re still paying for OHIP.
2. The prescription is from a physician in Ontario.
3. You use an Ontario pharmacy.

The new OHIP Plus program was created to provide assistance to Ontario families, and young adults under 24, who have been struggling with higher living expenses. Remember that as long as you are registered with OHIP that you are automatically covered for OHIP Plus.

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