How to Overcome Mental Health and Stress Amid the Pandemic

How to Overcome Mental Health and Stress Amid the Pandemic

COVID-19 can severely affect one’s physical state and well-being, but that isn’t the only thing the whole world has been dealing with right now. Ever since the declaration of the pandemic, reports of lockdowns, and every normal routine being done remotely, people have had to face many problems with their mental health.

Adjustments were made one way or another to cope with the stress that these times have inflicted. It can be debilitating mentally and emotionally, with many forming unhealthy coping mechanisms like substance use or overeating.

It can be truly difficult to find ways to overcome the stress of intrusive thoughts and a helpless mindset. It’s best to take it all step by step though, so here’s a short how-to that can help:

1. Be More Understanding Towards Yourself

The COVID-19 pandemic has put everyone in isolation, forcing people to study or work remotely. Watching the news can be heart-wrenching, and there’s always something bad wherever you turn. It’s normal to feel like everything isn’t normal, because it simply isn’t at the time being.

Be kind to yourself when you start to feel anxious or emotional about the whole ordeal. The last thing that will help is you being hard on yourself and forcing positivity. Take a break. Drink some water.

2. Give More Leeway When Necessary

Oftentimes, when we find that our mental health is all over the place, we berate ourselves and other people for certain things. For example, you reprimand yourself for not keeping the household clean or get mad at a partner for staying up late to watching something on TV.

It’s better to keep expectations low and give leeway when necessary. Not everything has to be perfect or at 100%, especially given the current circumstances. Be kind and loose. Let things slide every now and then, especially when necessary.

3. Learn to Express and Manage Your Emotions

One of the hardest things to do when everything seems to be in tatters is to manage your emotions. Perhaps it’s always been the case growing up, or you just find it difficult to express them at all. It’s not healthy to keep those emotions buried away though, so learn how to cope.

It can be quite a process, but you’ll eventually find a way or activity that will help you regulate whatever you’re feeling. Find something healthy that can help distract you from these times, like meditation, yoga, running or working in the garden or pounding out the long over — due renovation.

4. Seek Out Personal and Professional Support

Lastly, don’t fear reaching out to people. Having the right support system is a must during this period where everyone can seem disconnected. You aren’t left to fend for yourself because you aren’t alone. There are people who care. Contact some friends and family for personal support.

As for professional support, many have found refuge with online therapy as they speak to a specialist about how they’re feeling. Going on the phone or having a video call with somebody can be validating and freeing, as you can be vulnerable about your problems— voice out how unsure or depressed you feel and find ways to work on it.


Taking these steps should help you start your journey of overcoming the mental stresses brought upon by the pandemic. As implied above, these times have been tough on everyone’s mental health, but that’s exactly why everyone should come together and help one another. MyEasyDose is here for you every step along the way. We offer wellness coaching and virtual appointments with our wellness team and pharmacists. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help!

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