How Consistent Medication Therapy Can Help Manage Your Medical Condition

Medication therapy can be difficult to get right, especially when you first start it or if you don’t follow the doctor’s orders precisely.

According to statistics, more than 40% of Canadians use at least one prescription medication in any given week. This means that more than 3⁄4 of us regularly take some form of medication, which can be difficult to remember to take every day, especially when you’re busy with work or school and have other responsibilities to manage.

Here are three benefits of consistent medication therapy: taking your medication as prescribed at the same time every day unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Improved Motivation

Managing a chronic illness can feel like a never-ending battle for many people. Not only do they have to contend with the physical symptoms of their condition, but they also often struggle with fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

While medications can be essential in managing these symptoms, staying motivated to take them consistently can be difficult. However, evidence suggests that consistent medication therapy can lead to improved motivation.

One study found that patients who took their medication as prescribed were more likely to stick to other healthy lifestyle behaviours, such as exercising and eating well. In addition, they also reported feeling more hopeful and optimistic about their condition.

While staying motivated may not be easy, the benefits of consistent medication therapy are clear. Patients can experience improved motivation and quality of life by sticking to their treatment plan.

Decrease Pain

For many people, dealing with chronic pain is a daily struggle. Despite their best efforts, they find themselves in a cycle of pain and medication that never seems to end. However, there is hope for those willing to commit to consistent medication therapy.

Patients can significantly decrease their pain levels by working closely with their doctor and following their treatment plan.

In addition, regular physical activity and relaxation techniques can also help to lessen pain. For those willing to stick with it, consistent medication therapy can be the key to breaking the cycle of chronic pain.

Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is vital for overall health and well-being, but it can be hard to come by.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, one in two adults suffers from sleep disorders. While many things can contribute to sleeplessness, one often overlooked cause is inconsistency with medication therapy.

When medication is not taken as prescribed, it can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to insomnia. For example, missed doses of blood pressure medication can cause palpitations and anxiety, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Likewise, taking pain medication on an empty stomach can cause nausea and keep you up all night. To get the most out of your medication and improve your sleep, it’s essential to take it as prescribed. Talk to your healthcare team if you have any concerns about your medication or how it affects your sleep.

Greater Peace of Mind

Though it may seem daunting initially, starting and sticking to a medication therapy regimen can improve your symptoms. When taken as prescribed, medications can help to control your symptoms and make them more manageable.

In addition, by keeping your symptoms under control, you can prevent them from worsening over time. Of course, there can be challenges along the way, but working with your healthcare team can help you overcome any obstacles.

With consistency and support, you can find success with medication therapy and improve your quality of life.

Wrapping Up!

Committing to taking your medications regularly is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Not only can it significantly improve your life, but it also has many other benefits. With that said, remember to talk with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns and stay dedicated to your treatment so that you reap all the benefits’ medication therapy has to offer. MyEasyDose was specifically designed to make medication management easy. Give us a call today to discuss a medication packaging solution designed just for you. 1 855-962-5198

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