Community Care Pharmacy Inc O/A is a Canadian owned and operated Pharmacy based in Windsor Ontario. We are dedicated to helping our clients make taking their medication easy.

About Us

At Community Care Pharmacy, we stand by the belief that quality pharmacy care means more than just merely dispensing prescriptions. Quality care to us means that you get the prescriptions and medications that you need, along with the personal care and attention that you deserve.


When you sign up with Community Care Pharmacy, you will be able to count on dependable care from a knowledgeable pharmacy team. We know that every patient is different and that is why we will take the time to honestly get to know you and your unique health care needs.

We Care About You!

Our pharmacy team is committed to providing the best pharmacy care and service you can find anywhere. From the moment you register, your health will become our number one priority, and we will strive to make sure that you are taking your medications safely and responsibly.


We Strive to offer you the Best Service. Our professionally trained and experienced team is always available to help. We can provide you with the advice and education to help you with your prescription needs. Plus, we offer a wide variety of unique services you will not find anywhere else.


One of the unique services we offer is the MyEasyDose system. Let our Pharmacy Team dose out your prescriptions, so you do not have to. This way you do not have to use up your whole day sorting your medication. Let us do the hard part for you.  Best of all we deliver right to your door.


Sign up today and experience what other clients across Canada are already experiencing; the personal touch that you will not get anywhere else. Our courteous staff is more than willing to take care of your needs. Let us help you today, for a better tomorrow. 1-855-962-5198

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