9 Simple Ways of Remembering to take your Medication

9 Simple Ways of Remembering to take your Medication

9 Simple Ways of Remembering to take your Medication

Make it a routine

Combine taking your medication with a daily routine you do each day such as after your shower, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast or getting ready for bed, etc.

Set up a reminder

By setting your alarm clock, phone alarm or downloading a reminder app such as ‘Pill Reminder.’ You can be more consistent especially on the days you are overwhelmed with life’s tasks.

Be in the present moment

When taking your medications, pay attention to the time and date and say to yourself as an example ‘ I am taking Monday’s 8 am dose right now.’

Make it easy for yourself

Leave your medication in a place that is clearly visible, or you frequently visit in a 24 hour period especially if you have to take your medication at different times throughout the day. Remember the old adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ The last thing you want is to forget taking your medication.

Get expert advise

Get a free M.E.D review done by one of our pharmacists. They can give you a clearer understanding of your health condition as well as the importance of taking your medication regularly and adequately. They can help give you ‘ The why ‘ Why do I need to take my medication speech.

Get others involved

Have a friend, or family member remind you to take your medication. They could be in essence ‘your very own personal coach for medication adherence.‘ Many medical apps today have options to share data and reminders with loved ones.

Keep a list

It is always good to have a list of prescriptions readily available. The pharmacy can provide you with an updated list of your medications that include the name, dose, directions, and number of refills remaining. Bring this to every Doctor’s appointment or Emergency room visit.

Write it down

Make a life diary; your health is your story. There is no better way to track your health by writing down what medication you took, at what time you received them and even how you felt when before and after you received them. You could also share this info with your doctor at visits.

Use MyEasyDose

This step is the easiest step of all because it has all your medications divided into separately sealed pouches based on the date and time of day you should take them. It would be a good idea also to have any supplements or vitamins added to your MyEasyDose system. Best of all it is delivered to your door.

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